Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

San Miguel

Price : rm 5
taste : light refreshing, almost shandy like
feel : neutral light

Friday, March 5, 2010


Price : RM 5.50
Taste : Neutral to Good Taste, Rather malty but not a malt drink
Feel : Neutral, doesn't feel like 9% at all

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Profesional Method on 'Feel'

Normally we just drink beer sip by sip, or at least we take our time enjoying it. An average adult can probably drink 1 litre of beers in 1 hour before calling it a night. That is about 3 cans of beer, typicall 330ml per can. Alcohol contain for beer is typically 5%.

But as when a beer taster runs out of budget, he cann't really afford 3 cans of beer and 1 hour just to find out the 'feeling' after drinking the beer. Hence this method is used instead ...

Finish one can of beer in less than 30 seconds, observe feeling in the next 5-15 minutes. That way, its almost equivalent of drinking 3 cans of beer in one hour. Combine all the cost saving from the beer and time, its about 67% cost saving !

lower resolution video if you have lower bandwidth

Hunter Extra Strong

Price : MYR 5.80

Taste : Below Expectation

Feel : Strong

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Royal Dutch, 12% beer

Hollandia, slightly less than average

Pirce : MYR 5.50
Taste : Average
Fell : Average

Hollandia Sutper Strong

50 cl e Alc. 8.0 % vol

Brewed with CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER, Finest HOPS !

Select Grains and Pure Yeast !

13.8% Lager Beer ?

Blue Ice - Light, nice afternoon beer

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bavaria - Holland beer, Good

Price : MYR 5.80
Taste : Good, malty
Feel : Nice, Finish one can in 1 minute enough to stay high for 30 minutes
Bavaria is a Holland beer with 8.6% alcohol in volume. It should be served cool - servir frais - servire freddo (different languages I guess). Other words on the can : Cerveza Especial Biere Speciale - I guess its some sort of special brew so that it has higher alcohol content ?

It even has some arabic wordings on it, why does Holland beer want to do that ? Are there a lot of muslim in Holland ?

Established in 1719, the Bavaria brewery is situated in the Neterlands, still managed by descendants of the founder. This Super Strength Lager beer is produced using top quality malt from our own maltery, the finest hops and the softest of water.

The other one is almost similar but only with 7.9% alcohol and is a "Special Blond Beer".

Both are Cont.:50cl e